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Become your own Hero

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Solopreneurship is a relatively new phenomenon that offers a wide array of possibilities. The advantage of not needing to answer to anybody but yourself, flexibility and freedom, a better life-work balance… All extremely attractive perks in the life of a solopreneur. But what is a solopreneur? What makes a solopreneur different from an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur vs Solopreneur

You may wonder how entrepreneurship differs from solopreneurship? Simply put: all solopreneurs are entrepreneurs, but not all entrepreneurs are solopreneurs. The difference lies in how you grow/build your business and the variety of work. To start with the latter: solopreneurs wear many hats in their business. Did I say many? How about all of them? As a solopreneur, you make all the decisions. You not only determine the short and long term growth strategy of your business, but you also act as your entire marketing team (inbound and outbound), your Sales, IT, and your HR department. You are it!

This does not mean you do not reflect on certain challenges with someone in your network, brainstorm with that one expert you know, or outsource some of the tasks. Because you most certainly do. But the business begins and ends with you, and you have no intention for that to change. Better yet, you thrive at it! And as more and more people decide to start their own business without feeling the need to hire staff, the term solopreneur is likely to become more of a household name.

Why now?

The Great Resignation has been in the news lately, and it seems more and more people are quitting their day jobs. Why is that, you may ask? I’d like to believe that as the world underwent the Covid-19 pandemic, we had a chance to step back from our daily rat race. Offering us an opportunity to reevaluate our life, values, and priorities. Don’t you agree it totally changed our perspective?

With rigid schedules and busy commutes no longer occupying our days, we could determine what we consider truly important in our day-to-day activities. Where do we work, when, and for whom? Questions we never really asked ourselves became kitchen table conversations. And it got people all over the world thinking about a different kind of lifestyle. One with more control over their own career and how they could spend their days in a more meaningful way. This is likely why - as of 2020 - freelancers and solopreneurs were making up an incredible 36% of the entire US workforce*. And they are living their best lives!

It takes one to know one

Our family of five moved around quite a bit. Three countries we called home along the way! With my main priorities being our kids, my other ambitions needed to fit their schedules and align with our vision for their upbringing. But that did not at all refrain me from nurturing my own professional aspirations and ambitions. Solopreneurship was the answer for me. It gave me countless opportunities, the freedom I craved, and unforgettable life experiences. My road to success was not always easy, and I faced many pitfalls, but it was so very worth it.

Design a Life you'll Love

How about you? Are you thinking about making the change but wondering where to start? Already on your way, but feeling stuck? I hear you, I understand you, and I'd love to support you in becoming your own hero and designing a life you’ll love.

The Basics

First thing’s first: the basics. What are the first few things to consider before anything else? Click the button below to be directed to a short questionnaire that will get you pondering the basics of your solopreneurship.

And don’t miss the opportunity to schedule an appointment for your complimentary coaching session with me at the end of the form.

About the author: Bouwien (Bo) Luppes is a CTA-certified life coach and a serial solopreneur. Her sixth career endeavor is Coach 4 Solopreneurs, where all her life and solopreneur experience merge. A coaching practice and community by and for women, supporting them from A to Z as they take their business idea from vision to success while living a more fulfilling and happier life.

* Source: Upwork’s 2021 Freelance Forward study


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