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Conquer Fear of Failure with the Power of Joy

conquer fear with joy

During our weekly Q&A with fellow PQ coaches, one of my fellow coaches raised a question related to her fear of failure. A past experience where she had been unsuccessful in reaching “the top of the mountain” (her words) has its hooks into her, paralyzing her current personal progress as she builds her practice. Sounds familiar?

As a solopreneur, you may consciously know that the journey of building your business is intertwined with your personal growth, but it’s important to understand how past experiences can subconsciously trigger self-sabotaging behavior. As you see the edges of your comfort zone, these not-so-nice voices in your head are at the root of all self-sabotaging behavior and will negatively affect you, especially while you are in the process of building your business. You don't need to be a truth-teller to know that these inner critics will soon have a field day with your mind, paralyzing you and, consequently, your new business.

Your Silent Saboteur

Fear of failure is more than just an apprehension about not being good enough or not succeeding. It’s a state of mind that can truly limit your outcome. It's the voice in your head that says, "What if I can't do this?" or "What will people think if I fail?” This fear is likely amplified by societal expectations and the pressure to prove ourselves in today’s competitive world. Moreover, this fear is multiplied by our own mindset and feelings of not being good enough. This fear can manifest in various ways: procrastination, perfectionism, avoidance of risks, and a general hesitation to step outside your comfort zone. It's a sneaky saboteur that can halt your progress even before you begin. Based on the stories my clients tell me, I dare say that these manifestations resonate especially with solopreneurs. This fear of failure is one of our most prominent, silent saboteurs.

All Good, But What Can We Do About It?

Let's Conquer Fear of “Failure”

The first step to conquer our fear of failure is to change how we perceive “failure”. Instead of seeing it as a definitive end or a negative outcome, view "failure" as part of your journey. "Miss"steps, or set"backs" are simply part of the road we travel. I liked how Bill Carmody, Chief Coaching Officer at Positive Intelligence, TedX Speaker, and Business Development Specialist, put it: “Reaching the top of the hill does not provide you with a ‘happily ever after’ scenario. After that one hill climb, there will be another one, and another one." In life, we truly never reach that ‘end state’ of all things. We are on a journey and when we shift our focus on enjoying that journey, failure is not a thing. Any obstacle we encounter is simply one of the many steps within our life’s journey, and an opportunity to adjust and tweak the path we're on.

Without Failure, There Is No Success

“Without failure, there is no success.” Another one of Bill’s statements during that Q&A session. Failure is not the opposite of success; it's part of the process. Each time something doesn’t go as planned, ask yourself, “What’s the opportunity here, what can I learn from this?” This shift in mindset reframes failures into invaluable experiences that contribute to your overall growth as a human being. In fact, I would say, “failure” and with it, imperfection makes us perfectly human and is part of what makes us individually awesome. All of our experiences make up the “work-in-progress” that is us.

Choose Joy

Every day, we have the option to choose—we have self-command! When you believe that to be true, you have it in you to choose joy and positivity over fear and negativity. Please don’t get me wrong, I don't mean ask the universe for happiness, it will magically happen, and you'll live happily ever after. However, every situation, no matter how dire, can have a silver lining. Sometimes it is not obvious, and you have to look for it. But it’s there! My sister and I, we rock this. Without going into details, we went through a lot—individually and together, as sisters. Following in the footsteps of our late, amazing mom, we sure have shown her and ourselves that we can, indeed, make something good out of any challenge in life. We choose joy purposely, every single day, and it has resulted in tremendous growth, progress, and positivity for ourselves and everybody we interact with—personally and professionally.

Just Try It!

So when you feel challenged, when that inner critic wants to be heard, choose joy. Laugh a little, don’t take yourself (and any of your inner critics) too seriously. Focus on the positive, and choose joy purposefully. Try acting joyfully—express pure joy and truly feel it, if only for 10 seconds. Experience the difference those 10 seconds make in the next minute. Imagine what 10 minutes could do for an hour! How about if you purposely choose joy for 10 hours? How would that change your day, your life? What would the effect be on the people around you?

Your Journey, Your Choices

Ultimately, your journey is filled with highs and lows, victories and lessons. Try to embrace each part with an open heart and mind. When you let go of fear by seeing it as a fellow traveler who walks with you for a few miles, you give it less power over you. You are at choice, and every choice you make, every risk you take is nothing more—and nothing less!—than another step of the road we're on.

By changing your fears into a force for growth and joy you are on your way to setting the stage for a successful solopreneurship and a more fulfilling, happier life. So, keep going, keep growing, and most importantly, keep choosing joy. Your future self will thank you.

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Unknown member
03. Juni

Love this! What a powerful shift with looking at life full of victories and lessons. And your advice to look at fear as your fellow companion walking with you, certainly softens the grip fear of failure for me... it's part of the journey.

Gefällt mir
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