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From Struggles to Strength | A Journey of Empowerment

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Occasionally, a client's testimonial is so extraordinary that it deserves its own dedicated blog post. This is precisely one of those instances, and the client in question happens to be my own daughter. When I inquired about her willingness to allow me to share her testimonial, she enthusiastically responded with an emphatic YES. Her reasoning was that if the Mindset Makeover Program was able to help her, it could undoubtedly offer value to others as well. I invite you to read her unedited thoughts below, as she reflects on her transformative Journey of Empowerment, authored by Bouke Rotteveel.

"Let me start with the reality of the situation. I was apprehensive about starting this program, to be honest with you. I have had a few rounds of therapy before, many times just allowing me to vent about what has been going on. This program I was thinking would be about the same, a safe space to work through the difficult moments in my life and create new thinking styles. It could not have been further from the truth.

My story begins a little hectic. I came into this program during a very difficult time, getting myself out of an abusive relationship, him not accepting it, and eventually having to go to the police for my safety, being on antidepressants, and being my own harshest critic. My mother was the one who introduced me to the program, she was also the one who coached me through it all.

This caused me to have some reserves since she was my mother and she was the one who coached me through the program. It made me a little nervous that I would not feel comfortable enough to share what I wanted, stay a bit reserved if you will. As the weeks went on, I was able to let that feeling go and really immerse myself in everything.

I have struggled with being kind to myself, judging others if I felt they were too overbearing, and getting easily irritated with people who felt like they needed to be the center of attention, to name a few things. The latter is related to my sister.

The first few weeks were challenging to get into the swing of things, keeping up with the videos every morning, and doing the coach challenges when they became available. I mainly watched the hour-long video on Saturday mornings and attended our pod meetings on Mondays, but other than that I did not do much. I know now that this was the work of my avoider. Time and time again I had to remind myself to focus on doing all the things available to me in the app to get the full experience. Making that conscious switch opened many doors for me, brain doors if you will!

The first real breakthrough for me happened when we were on vacation, the entire family. My sister’s energy and her saboteurs were fueling mine to the point where I felt in despair because I was so frustrated that her saboteurs were making mine explode. I did not want to feel this way. I told my mum, “I know that her insecurities should not be irritating me so much”. She shared with me that it was her saboteurs fueling my own, which I did not recognize at the time. My mum was able to talk me through everything, realizing what was going on in my head and how to stop the cycle.

After this conversation with my mum, I went up to my sister and shared with her how she hurt me during one of our lunches. This was the start of my journey. The conversation I had with my mum made me realize the extent of my saboteurs and made me want to focus on changing them into sage energy.

Long story short, this program, with the amazing help of my mother, got me to file for a restraining order against my boyfriend, go to court expecting him to be there and be okay, letting the irritations I have with my sister go so I could fully enjoy our vacation, drive from California to Canada alone and be comfortable, and help me realize how amazing of a person I truly am and what I have to offer to this world. Biggest of all, it allowed me to stop my antidepressants and

feel better than before I started the medication.

I feel so much happier with who I am, the many challenges I have had to face during my life, not feeling sorry for myself but embracing how strong it has made me. I can take on anything life throws at me. Tumors, debilitating injuries, unsafe situations, being so down that I wanted to end my life, bring it on, been there and gotten through it. I am as strong as the trees left standing in a fire, the boulders that stay smooth during a hurricane, and the alligators that survived the end of the world.

This was all made possible by this program and I could not be more grateful. For this I thank my mum, she is amazing and I am so proud to be her daughter."


This testimonial not only warms my heart as a mom but also as a coach! And as Bouke says, this program may sound interesting to you, too.

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