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Even a confident go-getter can feel stuck sometimes, and amongst the most experienced business owners, doubts can seep in. If you are like any of the other solo entrepreneurs I work with, this is even common! Going at it alone makes it easy to develop a blind spot for recognizing where your shoe pinches.

Welcome to Coach 4 Solopreneurs, where you can expect honest, earnest advice and the second pair of eyes of an experienced fellow entrepreneur. Find the clarity you are craving, so you can become confident in every aspect of your business. 

Whether you are just starting or looking to level up, my personal approach ensures you are not wasting time on one-size-fits-all advice that doesn't apply to your unique situation. 

Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit, dream big, and become your own hero!

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Embrace Your Uniqueness


My name is Bo, and I am the heart and soul behind Coach 4 Solopreneurs. With six solo businesses to my name, saying that solopreneurship runs through my veins is an understatement; it’s my life, my passion, and my area of expertise.

I believe, that when solopreneurs fully embrace their uniqueness, they will run rewarding and successful businesses and lead happier lives. Being able to help and witnessing them get there is the most rewarding to me, and is exactly why I do what I do.

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