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“Copying others is the reason behind my success.” — Said no one, ever. You are unique, and your business coaching program should reflect that. Welcome to Coach 4 Solopreneurs, where you can expect honest, earnest advice and support as you become confident in every aspect of your business. 
You have great ideas about your business, but translating them into a strategy that gives you the financial results you desire is a whole different ball game. Let alone determining what makes you unique — something most solopreneurs struggle with, but necessary to become visible in a crowded market.

Whether you are just starting or looking to level up, my personal approach with my
Drive Your Dream program ensures you are not wasting time on one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t apply to your unique situation. This custom program has only one focus and that's you.

Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit, dream big, and become your own hero!

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My name is Bouwien (please, call me Bo) and I am the heart and soul behind Coach 4 Solopreneurs. With six solo businesses to my name, saying that solopreneurship runs through my veins is an understatement; it's my life, my passion, and my area of expertise.

These decades of experience in entrepreneurship allow me to help you confidently move forward in your business through invaluable insights and practical strategies. I provide you with an introspective journey to sharpen your business skills and grow your inner strengths and potential. 

While I proudly wear the title of PQ Coach™ and am certified through CTA, my true fulfillment comes from helping someone like you to embrace your uniqueness and get real and clear about your business.

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